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10 Reasons Why a Lakes & Mountains Holiday Could be an Unforgettable Experience

A Lakes and Mountains holiday usually means the Alps – French, Italian, Austrian or Swiss.  But it also encompasses other destinations too, such as the Balkans, Pyrenees, Eastern Europe and even Norway.  Ask any winter sports enthusiast what they love most about their skiing or snowboarding holiday and somewhere near the top of their list will be the stunning scenery.  Snow-capped peaks, forested mountainsides, icy lakes, often under a cloudless sky.  And these superb destinations are just as impressive during the summer months, albeit in a different way, yet are not foremost in people’s minds as a summer holiday option.  Here are our reasons why we think you should look at booking a summer break with a difference…

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Glorious scenery

Feast your eyes on some of the most amazing vistas in Europe.  Big skies in every direction!  Mountain peaks soaring to the heavens – some will maintain a covering of snow throughout the summer; idyllic pine forests in their summer finery; picturesque lakes with crystal-clear waters.  Hilltop towns, historic treasures, spectacular cuisine, cultural riches, lush countryside – all the ingredients for a magical holiday!

Exceptional value

The winter months are the peak season for many resorts, when hundreds of thousands of skiers and snowboarders descend on these resorts.  Summer months are naturally quieter so prices reflect this, yet the quality of the accommodation is just as high as in the winter, the food (where included) is just as filling and fantastic, and the range of activities you can do, though different to the winter, is no less exhilarating and satisfying.  Talking of which…

Thrilling activities

The main activities during the summer, unsurprisingly, are walking and cycling.  Or should that be hiking and cycling?  Lose yourself on a trek along dramatic mountain paths, where you will have plenty of time to ponder at what point a walk becomes a hike.  Yet do not be put off by the physical aspect – all activities can be tailored so that you only cycle or walk as far as you are happy to.

Even more thrilling activities

Aside from walking/hiking and cycling, a Lakes and Mountains holiday will give you the opportunity to try out a host of other exciting activities, many of which are not commonly available on other types of holiday.  There are white-knuckle activities such as white-water rafting, which is especially exhilarating during the early summer months – that snowmelt has to go somewhere!  There’s also paragliding, helicopter sightseeing, Segway tours and activity parks, as well as more sedate activities such as tennis, yoga and swimming.

Fantastic sightseeing

There are countless opportunities for world-class sightseeing – by car, coach or rail.  Scenic trips along alpine passes, an unforgettable picnic beside a stunning lake, and epic journeys through hair-raising switchbacks to a summit.  Or historic monuments, cobbled streets, medieval churches and castles.  Visit ancient towns and cities such as lakeside Lucerne and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Dubrovnik, where a walk around the walled city is a must, or explore oft-overlooked gems such as Briançon with its fortress designed by the architectural genius Vauban, the man who built France.

Perfect for all ages

Young or old, a summer holiday in the Alps (other mountain ranges are available!) will be an unforgettable experience.  Be as active as you like, learn a new skill – from French cooking to learning Italian, discover local villages or relax by the pool.  Whatever you and your family want for the perfect holiday, a Lakes and Mountains break can almost certainly deliver.

Unforgettable events

Time your visit right and you could also witness the unforgettable spectacle of a Tour de France mountain stage, an opera in the magical setting of Verona’s Roman Arena, the noise and excitement of the legendary Mont Blanc Rally, the delightful Salzburg Music Festival or a host of other iconic events.  And don’t forget the Oberammergau Passion Play in 2020, only performed every 10 years.

Wonderful weather

Summers are hotter than you might think, with blue skies and sunshine being the norm.  But think twice before cooling off in an alpine lake – they are deceptively icy, even in the heat of high summer!  There may be spectacular thunderstorms some evenings, but these awesome sound and light displays are a joy to behold.

All your favourite tour operators are here

If you take a winter holiday with leading tour operators such as Club Med, Mark Warner, Neilson or Inghams, then why not take a summer holiday with them too, safe in the knowledge that you know the quality to expect.  You can even go to the same resort – the contrast between winter and summer is unbelievable.

And did we mention the glorious scenery?

I’m sure we did, but it’s worth mentioning again.  Vast panoramas of Europe at its finest and most photogenic.  Jaw-dropping mountain peaks, including Jungfrau, Mont Blanc, the Eiger and Harz Mountains.  The Italian lakes of Maggiore, Como and Garda are considered by many to be among the most beautiful destinations in the world and need to be on everyone’s bucket-list.  There are other outstanding lakeside destinations too, such as Lake Constance, Lake Bled and Lake Annecy.

We hope we’ve whetted your appetite and that you can now see the appeal of a summer Lakes and Mountains holiday.  Please contact us on 0800 707 6229 or [email protected] and one of our expert sales team would be delighted to answer any questions that you may have and check availability for you.

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