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Eat, Pray, Love: Movie-inspired Travel Destinations

Wanderlust is becoming increasingly common amongst adults and even teenagers through the media. Whether it be through adverts, billboards, our phones or on our TVs, we are often influenced and inspired to visit somewhere by the media. Below are our favourite movies that have inspired us to travel.

Marrakech, Morocco, “The Mummy”

Surprisingly, the first part of The Mummy was filmed in Marrakech in Morocco. Most of what you see in The Mummy is created with props – the ruins of the lost city of Hamunaptra and the City of the Dead was built in the Sahara desert. However, the casbahs and bazaars of Marrakech were used to represent 1920s Cairo. For a truly immersive middle eastern cultural experience contact us to visit Marrakech, Morocco.

Phi Phi, Thailand, “The Beach”

Few have ever been inspired so much by just one film. The isolated secret cove that only a few know about, enclosed by sheer cliffs and with a single strip of dazzling white sand and rich, emerald blue, warm waters draws hundreds of tourists to Thailand every year. Whilst you may be disappointed by going to Maya Beach where the film was shot to find that it’s not a secret anymore, there are beaches in Thailand where you can still find that solitary peace. Enquire with us to book your dream holiday to Thailand.

Rome, Italy, “Eat, Pray, Love”

Fans of this film will never forget the indulgence that the protagonist, Elizabeth, shows when she is in Rome. Proudly unbuttoning her jeans at the table to finish her pizza and buying new jeans a larger size that allow her to eat her fill. It is no surprise that the Italians have coined a word to describe the “abbiocco” the drowsiness that comes after eating a meal and “dolce far niente” meaning “the sweetness of doing nothing”. Visit Italy with one of our amazing deals and learn the true meaning of relaxation.

India, “Eat, Pray, Love”

The home of yoga, meditation and the ultimate destination for spiritual enlightenment, India offers hundreds of yoga retreats for lessons in spirituality and prayer. However, prayer is not just for temples and yoga retreats.  The rich culture in India, inspiring architecture and breathtaking sights can serve just as well as a temple for travellers to enlighten their minds. Visit the Taj Mahal for majesty, the Himalayas for wonderment or the Brihadeeswara Temple for inspiration. Find yourself with a tour of India.

Bali, “Eat, Pray, Love”

The final stop in the Eat, Pray, Love saga is the beautiful island of Bali. If love was to metamorphosise into a geographical destination, then Bali would be pretty close. Warm turquoise waters encompassed by green mountains, small temples with layered roofs pointing to a cloudless sky, stone ethereal temples and pure white sand beaches. As a popular honeymoon destination, Bali is the epitome of love.  For inspiration on where to tie the knot, look no further than the Pura Luhur Ulu Watu Temple, perched on a dramatic mountaintop.  This temple looks especially amazing at sunset! Book your romantic Bali getaway with us.

Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, Greece; “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”

Whether you are a fan of the book or the film, the cobalt blue waters of Kefalonia will be etched into your mind. This Grecian paradise in the Ionian islands is a popular holiday destination, combining a sheer cliff face with a seemingly untouched beach of pure white sand that will rival Phi Phi. The natural landscapes and hidden grottoes of Kefalonia are beautiful, and the mountainous landscapes mean that the island is kept relatively rural and full of local flavour. Contact us to help organise your Greek island adventure.

Bergen, Norway, “Frozen”

The picturesque town that is steeped in and surrounded by mountains, and the castle by the sea that is pictured in Disney’s Frozen, is closely based on Bergen in Norway. Much like the fictitious kingdom of “Arendelle”, Bergen is a coastal town sandwiched between a still lake and mountains. The fairy-tale town is a patchwork of different coloured houses with traditional Scandinavian detailing. On top of all this, Bergen is a hotspot for the Northern Lights and they can be pictured shimmering over the little town. Visit Bergen yourself with a Hurtigruten voyage around Norway.

Whatever your holiday preferences, our team of experienced travellers are on hand to offer advice and create the best holiday for you.  If you wish to learn more about these amazing holidays and to find out what savings we can offer, call one of our travel specialists now on 0121 213 0012.


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