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Get Closer to Nature on Your Next Holiday

For most, a holiday is a chance to vacate your life, leave your worries behind and trade it in for something new and exciting.  Whether you are a beach bum, adrenaline junkie, avid skier, cultural enthusiast or safari explorer, there is a holiday for you. With all of these amazing holidays on offer, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. Do you love the buzz of a city or the quiet of a serene landscape? Do you yearn for the picture-perfect beach or are you looking for something a bit different, a once in a lifetime experience?

For some, the perfect holiday would be to trade in their technology, get closer to nature and discover something far removed from the mundane routine of modern life. And so, a range of holidays has been created for those wanting the peace of mind that nature can offer. Swap your iPhone for a hotel made from the indigenous landscape, blending in perfectly with its surroundings.  Spend a night in a hand-carved ice room in the Ice Hotel. Looking for something a bit warmer? Trade your daily commute for yoga in an eco-dome that is perfectly situated for you to see the stelliferous skies through the dome’s window. Read on for more details about how to make your eco-friendly holiday with nature come true.

The Ice Hotel

With a package at the Ice Hotel, you can watch the Northern Lights dance across the night sky in Sweden, sleep in a room made of ice from the walls, floor and even the bed. Wrapped in reindeer skins and a thermal sleeping bag, you will spend one magical night in the ice room and two nights in the warm rooms. Then, you can choose to join some incredible excursions, from riding on a sled pulled by huskies, searching for the Northern Lights on horseback or taking an ice sculpting class.  Join in arctic yoga, cross-country skiing or embark on an arctic wildlife snowmobile safari. The Ice Hotel is open 365 days of the year so you can also visit in spring, summer and autumn. So even if you don’t enjoy winter activities you can combine your Ice Hotel stay with kayaking, cycling, river rafting, fishing and watch out for the Midnight Sun.

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Ecocamp in Patagonia

If the cold isn’t for you, why not try a completely sustainable and eco-friendly campsite in Patagonia. Contrary to its name, Ecocamp is not necessarily camping.  The camp is made of eco-friendly domes that come in a range of styles, sizes and with luxurious amenities. From a private bathroom, heaters, terraces, wood stoves and gorgeous double beds that look out into the wilderness of Patagonia. Even when you are lying in bed, the domes have a window for you to stargaze from the comfort of your bed. When you venture from the camp you will discover pumas, llamas and a whole array of wild flora. Join a wildlife safari, a hike, yoga class, cycling groups or a fishing trip to truly vacate your life and swap it for a wild one.

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