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How to maximise your annual leave for 2022

2022 is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about the year ahead. The calendar for 2022 is packed with bank holidays to take advantage of. If you plan well, you can enjoy 45 days off while using just 18 days of annual leave! Find out how to maximise your annual leave below…


You could enjoy an 9-day holiday by booking only four days off on the 19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd April. The perfect time to enjoy a family holiday or escape the long UK winter.

  • Friday 15 April: Bank holiday
  • Saturday 16 April: Weekend
  • Sunday 17 April: Weekend
  • Monday 18 April: Bank holiday
  • Tuesday 19 April: Annual leave
  • Wednesday 20 April: Annual leave
  • Thursday 21 April: Annual leave
  • Friday 22 April: Annual leave
  • Saturday 23 April: Weekend
  • Sunday 24 April: Weekend

May bank holiday

Then in May, you could take an eight-day break for the price of just four days of annual leave. Book off the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th May.

  • Saturday 30 April: Weekend
  • Sunday 1 May: Weekend
  • Monday 2 May: Bank Holiday
  • Tuesday 3 May: Annual leave
  • Wednesday 4 May: Annual leave
  • Thursday 5 May: Annual leave
  • Friday 6 May: Annual leave
  • Saturday 7 May: Weekend
  • Sunday 8 May: Weekend

Queens Jubilee in June

There are even more holiday bonuses to come, as the nation celebrates the Queen’s Jubilee next year. June 2nd is the Spring bank holiday, and June 3rd is the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday. Book off the 30th and 31st May and 1st June for a seven day holiday. 

  • Monday 30 May: Annual leave
  • Tuesday 31 May: Annual leave
  • Wednesday 1 June: Annual leave
  • Thursday 2 June: Bank holiday
  • Friday 3 June: Bank holiday
  • Saturday 4 June: Weekend
  • Sunday 5 June: Weekend

August bank holiday

The bank holiday at the end of August means you could take four days’ annual leave and enjoy nine consecutive days off. Simply book the 30th and 31st August, and the 1st and 2nd September, ideal for an autumn getaway!

  • 27 August: Weekend
  • 28 August: Weekend
  • 29 August: Bank holiday
  • 30 August: Annual leave
  • 31 August: Annual leave
  • 1 September: Annual leave
  • 2 September: Annual leave
  • 3 September: Weekend
  • 4 September: Weekend


You could enjoy 10 days holiday over the Christmas period by using just 3 days annual leave. Christmas falls on a Sunday next year and Boxing Day and the 27th are both bank holidays. Simply book December 28th, 29th, and 30th, which brings you to the weekend, and then enjoy another bank holiday on Monday 2nd January.

  • Saturday 24 December: Weekend
  • Sunday 25 December: Christmas Day (weekend)
  • Monday 26 December: Bank holiday (Boxing Day)
  • Tuesday 27 December: Bank holiday
  • Wednesday 28 December: Annual leave
  • Thursday 29 December: Annual leave
  • Friday 30 December: Annual leave
  • Saturday 31 December: Weekend
  • Sunday 1 January: Weekend
  • Monday 2 January: Bank holiday 

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