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New York’s Top 10 Hidden Gems

“New York, New York

I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps”

(F. Sinatra)

Frank Sinatra’s New York is one of the world’s most breathtaking cities. The Big Apple is a modern buzzing megalopolis, home to iconic sights such as the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, legendary Times Square, Wall Street and the Statue of Liberty.  It’s a city famous for its vibrant cultural life and recognized for its authentic cuisine. I mean, who hasn’t tried a New York Pizza?

If you are wondering what are the best things to do in this cosmopolitan city, and you want the real authentic experience, then check out our suggestions for the Top 10 Hidden Gems in New York and discover it like a true New Yorker…

Williamsburg Bridge

If you want a panoramic view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge together, but you are turned off by the crowds at the popular Brooklyn Bridge Park, then head to Williamsburg Bridge. It spans the East River between Manhattan’s Lower East Side and Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and offers spectacular views overlooking the heart of NYC. The best place to go would be to take a walk right underneath the bridge. The view at night from Domino Park can leave you speechless.

Bryant Park

A popular oasis among the jungle of skyscrapers and concrete buildings. It’s an amazing hidden gem, famous for its lush gardens right in the centre of Manhattan. It’s located between Fifth and Sixth Avenues and between 40th and 42nd Streets in Midtown Manhattan.

Battery Park

You may know this place as the point to get your ferry to the Statue of Liberty, but Battery Park itself is an amazing tourist attraction. It offers amazing views of Ellis Island and the famous Statue of Liberty, as well as lovely gardens, a Sea Glass Carousel and the relaxing Battery Oval – one of the best alternatives to popular Central Park for a quick refreshing picnic spot. The views at sunset towards Ellis Island and Brooklyn Bridge are simply magnificent.

Little Italy

When Italian immigrants moved to this Manhattan neighbourhood in the late 1800s, they brought their colourful customs, food and language. That heritage remains evident today — Little Italy’s streets are lined with authentic Italian restaurants, cheese shops, gelaterias and cannoli stands.

The High Line

Built on a historic, elevated freight line, the High Line has become a world-renowned inspiration for how cities can transform industrial infrastructure into beautiful, hybrid public spaces. The High Line is more than a park. It’s a public space where you can view art, walk through gardens, experience a performance, savour delicious food, or just connect with friends and neighbours — while enjoying a unique perspective of the city.


Stroll through New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood and discover unique stylish shops, vintage stores, inspiring street art murals and plenty of charming bars and restaurants.

The Whispering Gallery (Grand Central Station)

Stand with your ear right up against the tile work in the domed intersection of walkways on the lower floor of Grand Central Terminal and you’ll discover a secret: a corner-to-corner whispering gallery. Even the quietest sweet nothing, soft song, or whispered threat can be heard, even over the din of crowds. 

Speakeasy bars

The American version of Peaky Blinders’ Birmingham. Although the Prohibition era is over, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the thrill of secret bars with hidden entrances. Authentic atmosphere, unique cocktails, gentlemen etiquette…discover New York’s famous speakeasies. Some of the best ones to check out are Apotheke, Raines Law Room, the Back Room and the Garret.

The Rooftop Gardens at Rockefeller Center

When you think of panoramic views of New York City, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the Empire State Building. However, the waiting in line can be a total buzzkill. Instead, head to the Rockefeller Center and marvel at the amazing lush rooftop gardens which also feature a bird sanctuary, a vegetable garden, rock gardens, a children’s garden and the Gardens of the Nations. It’s totally worth the visit!

Serendipity 3

If you haven’t seen the charming love story between Kate Beckinsale’s and John Cusack’s characters in Serendipity, then you most definitely should! If you haven’t heard this word before, here’s the meaning: “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”. The iconic Serendipity 3 Café has been in New York for more than 70 years and has turned into one of its symbols. It has a traditional American but quirky environment, and offers amazing sweet delights. A reservation well in advance is usually required, as it gets quite busy, especially during the high season.

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