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The Best Places in the World to see the Autumn Foliage

Around this time every year, the days go darker and the wind is chillier and fresher.  But amongst the shorter days and growing gloominess of the looming winter, many people become excited for the beauty that autumn brings.  Read below for our top picks of destinations to witness the colourful autumn foliage.

Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan

Whilst the cherry blossoms dominate the tourist market in Japan in spring, the autumn foliage with its stunning red and orange leaves is not as widely discussed. The best places to see the colour change is Kyoto or Tokyo in October or November. To see the autumn foliage from above, go to Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto. From the balconies you can see a spectrum of burnt umber, orange, red and yellow leaves that give the temple an ethereal glow.  In Tokyo, climb Mount Fuji and look across the landscape to the kaleidoscope of colours.

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Jiuzhaigou Valley in China

Jiuzhaigou Valley is beautiful at the best of times, with huge tumbling waterfalls, translucent turquoise lakes and a thick forest of pines. However, in autumn the valley comes alive with a parade of colour that reflects spectacularly onto the lake.

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Lake Bled in Slovenia

Lake Bled has always been a “must-see” destination. The famous Lake Bled Isle stands resolutely in the middle of the lake, with its steeple rising from the cluster of trees and a backdrop of still blue water and snow-capped mountains. But in autumn the trees surrounding the lake light up in colour and surpass the beauty of the lake.

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The Bavarian Alps in Germany

The Bavarian Alps aren’t considered to be quintessentially beautiful. A dark and seemingly impenetrable forest, the Alps are associated with European fairytales. The Neuschwanstein Castle emerges through the tops of the trees, offering a picture perfect fairytale image. In autumn, the trees that hide the Castle transform to bright red, orange and brown, adding even more mysticism and beauty.

Quebec, Canada

Quebec is a beautiful, leafy, green city throughout the year, but when autumn arrives you can glide across a lake, enclosed on both sides with trees bursting with colour, reflecting on the still lake.

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New England, America

This leafy region of America is famous for its foliage once October hits. The sudden change from green hues to the explosion of fiery colours brings tourists flocking from all over the world to witness the stunning scenery.

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