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Top 10 Reasons to Go on a Somak Safari

Are you debating what to do for your next holiday? Are you enthralled by the wild plains of Africa? Then why not take your family on the holiday of a lifetime and watch lions loll in the grass, ibex playfully prance by a watering hole or hear the unmistakable sound of an elephant trumpeting.

Here are our top ten reasons to go on a safari:

1. Seeing animals in their natural habitat

You may have seen these animals in your local zoo, but scientists and zoologists agree that animal captivity behaviour is vastly to different to their behaviour in the wild. An animal in a cage at a zoo will not display their natural behaviours, communicate with their families or run like they can across the never-ending African plains.

2. Supporting conservation efforts

A percentage of the park fees paid go towards ensuring that the animals are safe, maintenance of the park and protecting the cultural heritage of the area. These parks protect the animals and save them from poachers. Somak works closely with projects and charities dedicated to protecting the local wildlife and their habitats.

3. Supporting local communities

These parks also give locals means of work and therefore gives back to the local communities in a sustainable way. Many of the staff that work for Somak are local, so by booking a Somak holiday you are supporting the local community.

4. Seeing spectacular landscapes

You will never forget watching the sun rise across the horizon, illuminating the animals around you and rousing them from their slumber.

5. Great photography opportunities

If you’re a keen photographer then what can be better to capture on film than a pride of lions ambling in the grass, a young giraffe learning to walk or a hippopotamus taking a drink from a lake.

6. Explore UNESCO World Heritage sites

From the Matobo Hills National Park in Zimbabwe to the Damaraland Region in Namibia, UNESCO World Heritage sites are abundant in Africa and these beautiful and protected, world-renowned sites are a must on anyone’s African bucket list.

7. A unique experience every time

The beauty of a safari is the unpredictability – you never know what creature you will see or what behaviour you’ll witness but you can be assured you it will be different every time.

8. A new environment

What better way to let the stress of everyday life roll off you than by being in a completely new environment. You will feel a million miles from your worries on the sunny African plains watching the natural world unfold in front of you.

9. Interacting with the knowledgeable guides and rangers

Rangers and guides are from the local communities and therefore have first-hand knowledge and stories of growing up in Africa and alongside these beautiful creatures. You will learn so much more when you see the animals in front of you.

10. Fun!

Going on a safari is more than just informative, it’s fun! You will meet new people, learn about new cultures, see incredible wildlife and discover a whole new world. With so much to experience you will never be bored.

To book your Somak safari holiday, call Travel Club Elite on 0800 707 6229.

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