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Your Guide to River Cruising in Europe

Dreaming about exploring the jewels along the Danube or the Romantic towns of German Rhine? What better way than a fascinating river cruise onboard a comfortable modern ship? Enjoy your morning coffee while the scenery around you changes every day – from the stunning architecture of Budapest to Royal Vienna, the natural wonders of Rhine Valley and the wine vineyards of Douro…  Find out the best river cruises routes and discover the top experiences with our special Guide to River Cruising in Europe.

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Countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria

The Danube is the second largest river in Europe and probably the ultimate river cruise destination on the continent due to the fact it goes through so many countries, culturally different from one another and offers the best of West and East Europe.  Popular experiences include the stunning Passau and Regensburg in Germany, discover the royal legacy of beautiful Vienna, visit the unique Old Town of Bratislava, marvel at the beautiful architecture of Budapest, cruise through the famous Iron Gate, explore vibrant Belgrade and wander around Bulgaria’s charming Vidin and Rousse.

Top Danube Cruises:

Ama Waterways Melodies of The Danube

Viking River Cruise: Romantic Danube

Riviera Travel the Blue Danube River Cruise

Ama Waterways Gems of Southeast Europe

Viking River Cruises Passage to Eastern Europe


Countries: Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland

Cruising along the Rhine, you will witness beautiful lush vineyards, medieval fortresses and Romantic little towns. Discover vibrant Basel, marvel at the stunning cathedral of Cologne, shop ‘til you drop in Strasbourg, taste authentic Pinot Noir wine and discover the history of Heidelberg. In the glorious stretch of the Middle Rhine, there’s a castle every mile between Rüdesheim and Koblenz. It’s no surprise that the stunning Rhine Gorge became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. Finish your captivating Rhine cruise in cosmopolitan Amsterdam and bike your way to the famous tulip fields.

Top Rhine cruises:

Riviera Travel the Rhine Cruise to Switzerland

Five Star Rhine Cruise 2019

Saga Romance of The Rhine and Main Aboard Amadeus Royal

Ama Waterways Captivating Rhine River Cruise


Countries: Germany, Luxembourg, France

Follow the Moselle through rolling hillsides, stunning terraced vineyards, picturesque towns and numerous gloriously standing medieval castles. Marvell at the breath-taking castles of Chochem and Metz, discover authentic Trier, wander the ancient streets of picturesque Bernkastel and explore Koblenz, dramatically situated at the confluence of Moselle and Rhine rivers. Popular cruise extension includes cruising Main and its gems – from the pearls of the Romantic Road – Wurzburg and Wertheim, to charming Bamberg and the traditional old town of Mainz.

Top Moselle Cruises:

Riviera Travel Rhine and Moselle River Cruise

Ama Waterways Europe’s Rivers & Castles


Countries: France (Provence & Burgundy regions), Switzerland

From the lush slopes of the scenic Winelands to the sun-baked hills of Provence, the Beaujolais wine region – known as Pays d’Or or “land of the golden stones” and the wild beauty of the Ardèche Gorges to the medieval splendour of Avignon, enjoy a fascinating cruise to one of the most picturesque corners of France. And let’s not forget all that wine of Burgundy!

Top Rhone Cruises:

Ama Waterways Colours of Provence

Riviera Travel Burgundy, The River Rhône & Provence River Cruise

The Waterways of Burgundy River Cruise

Garonne & Dordogne

Countries: France (Bordeaux region)

Cruise along Garonne and Dordogne, two of France’s most scenic rivers, as you enjoy a relaxing journey through one of Europe’s most famous wine regions. Cruise through steep-sided rocky valleys, with a fabulous panorama over the rolling meadows and impressive foothills. Discover the scenic Gironde Estuary and its authentic, traditional wooden fishermen’s huts dotted around the attractive inlets such as Cazeau Island and pretty Patiras Island. Follow the peaceful Dordogne River as you make your way to the attractive wine town of Libourne and marvellous walled town of Cadillac. Finish in Bordeaux – with its broad boulevards and quaint Old Town, the UNESCO-protected city boasts a diversity that makes it exciting to visit.

Top Garonne & Dordogne Cruises:

Five – Star Bordeaux And the Dordogne Cruise

Biarritz & Five – Star All Inclusive Bordeaux Cruise

Ama Waterways Taste of Bordeaux River Cruise

Dutch & Belgian Waterways

Countries: Belgium, The Netherlands

Journey on Europe’s most extensive network of canals and waterways, all fed by the mighty river Rhine. Big sky stretches all the way to a flat horizon, punctuated by historic cities, gorgeous villages and fields that really do team with tulips (in Spring at least) and windmills. Start your journey in colourful Amsterdam, witness the futuristic architecture and the famous yellow Cube houses of Rotterdam, cruise through picture-perfect Ghent and Delft and discover beautiful Antwerp.

Top Dutch & Belgian Waterways Cruises:

Viking River Cruises Tulips & Windmills

Five Star Tulips Cruise 2019


Countries: Portugal, Spain

Iconic Port wine, enigmatic cities and all that Portuguese charm…discover the unique culture of the golden Douro river. Discover the Baroque-style Palacio de Mateus and its gardens in Regua, enjoy the stunning panorama view in Barca d’Alva and experience historical quarter of the colourful city of Porto. A bonus is the Spanish city of Salamanca, nicknamed La Dorada, (The Golden One) for its sandstone buildings that appear to glow, Salamanca is a magical destination that boasts top-rate history, culture, food and attractions. 

Top Douro Cruises:

Viking River Cruises: Portugal’s River of Gold

Ama Waterways Enticing Douro

Douro Cruise on The Spirit of Chartwell

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