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Cape Verde

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Cape Verde Holidays 2022/23

Follow in the footsteps of Darwin and Columbus by visiting this stunning archipelago, consisting of 10 spectacularly beautiful and diverse islands off the west coast of Africa. Choose a beach break, a hiking adventure on Santo Antao, a cultural break to take in Cape Verde’s music scene in Sao Vicente, or to visit an active volcano on Fogo.

The archipelago presents a variety of heritage: African, Portuguese and Brazilian. The official language is Portuguese as the country was once a Portuguese colony, but many locals speak Creole. As you explore the divine island chain with its soaring mountains, golden beaches and quaint villages, try to discover the real meaning of the word morabeza (Creole for hospitality). Discover mountainous Santo Antão, the best island on the peninsula for hiking. With its lush greenery, craggy peaks and wild flowers, you may completely forget that you are in Africa. For music and parties, visit São Vicente, the cultural capital of the islands. Sal and Maio offer untouched beaches of pure white sand, while Fogo and Brava offer volcanic landscapes that rise dramatically into the sky.

Currency: Escudos (CVE)

Visas: All visitors to Cape Verde (except holders of some African passports) require a visa. A one-month tourist visa can be obtained easily on arrival for €25.

Hotel Morabeza

Situated on a golden sandy beach Hotel Morabeza offers views of stunning vistas across the sand of Santa Maria beach.

Scenic Transatlantic Explorer

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