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Kyrgyzstan Holidays

In Kyrgyzstan there’s plenty of wonderful locations to explore. This unique destination is filled with untouched mountain landscapes and packed with summer pastures. No need to share the view either as the only main rural residents are semi-nomadic, yurt-dwelling shepherds. On top of all this, you don’t need a visa to travel to this country, you can explore to your heart’s desire.

Biskek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan is a doorway to Kyrgyz Ala-Too mountains and Ala Archa National Park, with glaciers and wildlife trails. The Ala Archa National Park has many glaciers paired with green dense forestry either side, making for a stunning backdrop. The park also offers many freshwater rivers that create a mystical viewing as the water is a light shade that is hard to come by unless in the mountains.

If you’re staying in Osh – one of the largest cities in Kyrgyzstan, then be sure to visit Osh Bazaar. It’s one of central Asia’s largest Bazaars that sells many things from local produce to traditional knives and clothes to horseshoes forged in the market. The market’s character is too good to miss. It runs 1km along the river; the entire strip is bustling with locals and other tourists.

In Kyrgyzstan the official languages spoken are Kyrgyz and Russian. Kyrgyzstan was colonised by Russia, this means Russian architecture can be seen with buildings and restored structures. Something else that makes Kyrgyzstan so popular is that the culture has been very much preserved due to the isolation of the country from the vast mountain range around the country.

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