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Mongolia is a country that time has spared.  Traditions, cultures and a nomadic life have survived in Mongolia, hidden from the rest of the world. This disconnect has created rugged grasslands that stretch as far as the eye can see, a place where horses roam free in vast landscapes, silhouetted by snow-capped mountain peaks. These incredible landscapes are now protected by law so their beauty will remain untouched. The raw wilderness of Mongolia is what most appeals to visitors, from a rich culture and friendly locals to the thrill of an adventure across untouched grasslands.

Mongolia is still tentatively creeping out from under the shadow of the former Soviet Union and is now building a democracy with an economy based on mining, agriculture and tourism. Despite these changes to Mongolian society, there still remains a unique culture that remains mystical and nomadic. Tourists immerse themselves in these traditions – staying in yurts, sheep herding, horse-riding and witnessing the legendary Mongolian tradition of hunting with eagles. The fauna of Mongolia includes snow leopards, grey wolves, Siberian ibex, Bactrian camel, Gobi bear, wild and domestic horses and the saiga antelope.

Most tourists arrive in Mongolia by train.  The Trans-Siberian Railway stops in Mongolia, so many tourists enter and exit the country in this manner. Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar, has a train that carries on to Beijing.  This makes Mongolia a perfect stop on any journey between China and Russia. While in Ulaanbaatar you should include a visit to the National Museum of Mongolia, the Choijin Lama Temple, the Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan and the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts.

Currency: Mongolian tögrög

Visas: Yes


Top Experiences

Attending the Naadam Festival


Horse-riding in the wilderness

Experiencing the Gobi Desert

Visting the Khustain National Park

Wildlife Watching

Great Rail Journeys Premium Trans-Siberian Express

Step on board the Golden Eagle and be transported back to the romantic age of travel as we wend our way across Russia, Mongolia and Siberia in unprecedented luxury.

Wendy Wu Mongolia and Naadam Highlights

Witness the pageantry of the Naadam Festival, cheering on the participants alongside the crowds of locals, as they compete in the traditional ‘Three Manly Skills’ – wrestling, archery and horsemanship.

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