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Located close to both Australia and New Zealand in the heart of the South Pacific, New Caledonia is home to around 250,000 people from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds who share the same affection for their country and way of life. A land of contrasts blending the exotic charm of the South Pacific with French sophistication, New Caledonia offers an unrivaled diversity of landscapes, cultural traditions and leisure activities. Azure lagoons, white sand beaches, fiery red deserts, lush green mountains and golden grasslands bathe in a temperate tropical climate. New Caledonia is also very popular for activity holidays and sports enthusiasts as it has perfect conditions for diving and snorkeling, horse riding, biking, hiking and trekking, golf, kayaking, etc.

The north of Grand Terre and the Loyalty Islands represent the survival of a fragile world, one untouched by mass tourism where the indigenous Melanesians treat nature with care and respect. Discovering these areas is above all, about meeting its people and learning about their traditional way of life. A homestay in a tribal hut is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Kanak culture and have an authentic New Caledonian experience. Staying in a Kanak community offers an otherwise rare insight into Melanesian culture, while at the same time contributing to the economic development of local communities that still largely subsist on hunting and small-scale farming. In most tribes, you will meet locals who are eager to share their lifestyles and welcome you in their traditional huts. Here, they will invite you to participate in their everyday activities and introduce you to their customs


Top Places to Visit


Facing the lagoon, Noumea has built its Pacific identity through a mix of cultures and styles. This cultural diversity is reflected on your plate but also in the architecture and all the attractions it offers. True artistic heart of the country, museums, art galleries, theatres, and cinemas are concentrated in Noumea.

Ouanos Mangroves

Three newly created and signposted educational paths now allow visitors to explore Ouano’s mangrove swamps and get to know this fragile ecosystem essential to the preservation of biodiversity on the island.

Heart of Voh

North of Koné, near the township of Voh, there’s a mangrove swamp which has developed some unusual natural designs. The most intriguing is a perfect heart shape, La Coeur de Voh (The Heart of Voh).

The Isle of Pines

Known as ‘the Jewel of the Pacific’, the Isle of Pines is one of the most spectacular islands in the Pacific. Fringed with white sands, turquoise lagoons and its signature Araucaria pine trees, it is an evocative and exotic landscape of ancient botany and raw beauty. Jump on a boat to discover the lagoon of Ile Des Pins and head towards the stunning islets of Ilot Brosse and Moro, stopping on the way to swim with turtles, manta rays and admire the coral reef. Don’t forget your fins, mask and snorkel!

The Tao Waterfall

New Caledonia is full of waterfalls, and perhaps the most remarkable of these can be found at the heart of the central mountain range. But of all those which can be reached, Tao is definitively the most magical.

New Caledonia Lagoon 

Set in a sapphire sea, New Caledonia’s lagoon, the largest in the world, is its pride and joy. Encircled by over 1,600km of coral barrier reef, the lagoon shelters an outstanding diversity of coral and fish species and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008.

Mare, Loyalty Islands

Maré is an island where the beauty of the unspoilt landscapes echoes the traditions preserved by its inhabitants. This island’s character may sometimes appear mysterious, but it also boasts an exceptionally rich history that gives it such a strong identity.


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