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Huge Extra Savings on Tours to Ukraine & Chernobyl

Nestled between its Eastern European neighbours and Russia, Ukraine is the second largest nation in Europe. The abundant forests and fertile plains dotted with goats and haystacks make it a walker’s dream. That’s not forgetting the dramatic Carpathian Mountains, still inhabited by wolves and bears.


Top Experiences in Ukraine

Enjoy the bustle and beauty of Kiev. Don’t miss the historic cathedrals and ornate blue and gold churches.

Fall in love with Lviv, a city of art, architecture and pretty squares.

Stride out into the Carpathian Mountains.  See alpine streams and olde-worlde farms then snuggle up in a village homestay, tucked up safe and sound while bears, wolves and wild cats roam the wilderness outside.

Take a sobering trip into Chernobyl’s exclusion zone to learn more about the nuclear disaster and see the eerie ghost villages left behind.

Marvel at the walrus swimmers who leap through ice holes into freezing water every December. Just to keep them healthy, of course.

Explore! Discover Chernobyl

Spend an exciting long weekend like no other – exploring the incredible abandoned sites reclaimed by nature on a Chernobyl tour in the Exclusion Zone, which was created when the Number 4 reactor exploded back in 1986.

Regent Kyiv & Chernobyl Group Tour

This once-in-a-lifetime tour allows you to stay overnight in the town of Chernobyl, giving an unparalleled insight into the incredible abandoned ghost city of Pripyat and surrounding areas.

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