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Italian Alps & Lakes

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The Italian Alps, where four languages are spoken (Italian, German, French, and Latin) and cultures meet, is home to some of the country’s most spectacular scenery.
The Alps are loved by everyone: by sports enthusiasts who wait for the winter months in order to get out onto the downhill slopes or to slide around the upland plains on the cross-country ski / skiing circuits; by the mountaineers who go up in summer to almost inaccessible paths that take them to within an inch of infinity; by nature-lovers who can explore the parks, right down to the families and the children who can enjoy the wonderful Italian hospitality in the myriad villages, have fun in the intelligently-designed leisure facilities and savor the splendid cuisine.

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Neilson Ski

Please call free – 0800 707 6229 - for Huge Extra Savings on Neilson Ski Holidays

Aosta Valley

If you are looking for a good place to ski this winter then you really need to look no farther than the Italian province of Aosta and/or the city that bears its name.


For those who have never seen these extraordinarily beautiful mountains before – prepare to be utterly enchanted.

Italian Lakes

There’s the deep blue of the lake, grand villas half submerged by exquisite greenery, walls of oleander and poplar trees, boats dotted about in small harbours along the lakeside, chestnut forests covering the hills in the foreground and all this framed by the mountains of the Alps in the distance.


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