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Iran Holidays 2022/23

A kaleidoscope of colours and cultures, Iran is a patchwork of cultures and gorgeous Arabian architecture with an underlining of tradition. Each mosque is unique and carefully creates, from the grand and imposing, optical illusion blue of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque to the shadow play of the Nasir Ol Molk Mosque with its rainbow stained glass windows casting pink lights into the intricate carvings of the mosque to the Goharshard Mosque, with classical gold and blue mosaic carvings.

Iran is a destination for art and architect lovers, with beautiful palaces and mausoleums and colourful cities. The locals are friendly as long as you abide by the strict dress code. Discover a new type of opulence with Isfahan, the city is decorated with azure blue mosaic and pays homage to its commercial past by selling world famous Persian rugs and handcrafted trinkets.


Top Experiences in Iran

The massive Vank Cathedral

The beautiful Imam Mosque and Ali Qapu Palace in Isfahan

The marvellous Nasir ol Molk Mosque and Mausoleum of Saadi in Shiraz

The tombs of the city of Yazd

The gardens of Kashan

The vibrant capital Tehran

The ancient site of Persepolis


Currency: Iranian rial

Visa: Yes

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