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Lebanon Holidays 2022/23

Lebanon is a fascinating melting pot, positioned between the Middle East and the West, Christianity and Islam and tradition and modernity. It boasts a spectacular cultural legacy, from ancient Phoenician and Roman remains to Greek Orthodox churches and Crusader castles — not to mention modern Beirut.

Lebanon boasts rich heritage simmered with cultural and ethnic diversity. With a population touching 6 million residents, Lebanon has developed a strong financial and commercial repute amongst the Arab world. Beirut, also known as the Paris of the Middle East, is the capital and the largest town in the country. The vibrant nightlife, cultural traditions, mountainous ski resorts and carefully preserved heritage sites join to offer an unforgettable adventure to the tourists.


Best Things to do in Lebanon


Temple of Bacchus


The Cedars of God


Kadisha Valley


Jeita Grotto

Harissa Church



Visa: British citizens can normally apply for a free single entry tourist or family visit visa on arrival.

Passport validity: Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 3 months from the date of entry into Lebanon.

Previous travel to Israel: If your passport contains an Israeli stamp you may be refused entry to Lebanon even if you hold a valid Lebanese visa.

Currency: Lebanese pound

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