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Aurora Expeditions Iceland, Greenland & East Canada

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This unique voyage links three incredible, remote coastlines. Discover the natural beauty of the North Atlantic including plenty of UNESCO World Heritage Site’s and National Parks. There’s also the chance to spot some beautiful wildlife, from whales and caribou, to foxes and nesting bird colonies. Keep your eyes to the sky with the possibility of witnessing the northern lights over the breathtaking Torngat Mountains.

  • Sail past Iceland’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Surtsey Island, one of the youngest islands on earth
  • Enjoy thrilling Zodiac cruises to glacier fronts, keeping an eye out for whales, caribou, fox, and nesting bird colonies
  • Discover the compelling history of UNESCO World Heritage Site L’Anse aux Meadows
  • Experience breathtaking alpine landscapes and wildlife in Torngat Mountains National Park


Make your own way to our group hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital. The remainder of the day is at leisure. In the evening, you may wish to have dinner at the hotel restaurant or venture into one of Reykjavik’s excellent eateries.


After breakfast, explore historic Thingvellir National Park, a geological wonder, which is also home to Iceland’s first parliament. Join a guided walk and marvel at the dramatic volcanic landscape. Afterwards, visit the magnificent Gullfoss, considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. In the afternoon enjoy a warm welcome aboard your vessel the Greg Mortimer. There’s time to settle into your cabin before our important briefings, and the commencement of your epic voyage ahead.


Visit the Westman Islands, just off the south coast of Iceland, and discover the fascinating volcanic past of Heimaey, ‘Pompeii of the North’. Heimaey is a pleasure to discover either on foot or by coach. Enjoy hikes with superb views across the rugged island chain, including the World Heritage Listed Surtsey, a new volcanic island that emerged from the sea in the 1960s. Visit Viking houses dating back to 900 AD and immerse yourself in Iceland’s rich human history. Continue to Eldheimar, a superb museum built around the excavated remains of a home buried by the eruption of Mount Eldfell in 1973.


As we cross the Greenland Sea, our team of experts will offer informative presentations on the local environment and history. Join them in the lecture room to hear about wildlife, Viking history, Greenland’s massive ice cap and more. Sea crossings are also a wonderful opportunity to get to know your fellow expeditioners, curl up with a book in the ship library, photograph the seabirds soaring around the ship, or treat yourself to a massage in the wellness centre.

Make sure you save some energy for the evening, because if you’re looking up at the right time, you might see something that takes your breath away. You’re in the zone of the Aurora Borealis, and there is simply no grander or more spectacular light show on earth.


Early this morning we enjoy a scenic cruise through the magnificent Prince Christian Sound, a picturesque waterway that provides a sheltered passage from the east to the south coast. Dramatic mountains rise above the sound, with brilliant glaciers tumbling down their flanks towards the ocean, where icebergs calve into the sea.

After lunch we reach Kangersuneq Qinngorleq, a beautiful waterway where a breathtaking glacier front provides the perfect backdrop for a Zodiac cruise or paddle, weather permitting. As we make our way through the southern part of the sound in the afternoon, we pass the tiny settlement of Appilatoq, famed for the extraordinary sharp mountain peaks that surround it – a delight for photographers.


Tasermiut fjord is known as one of the most beautiful fjords in Greenland for its majestic alpine scenery, with dramatic mountains and lush valleys. When we arrive you will have the opportunity to venture ashore and explore Norse ruins or take a hike across green fields to spectacular viewpoints. Kayakers may opt to go for a paddle and take in the views from the water.

Enjoy spectacular scenes of deep fjords, woodlands and sheer cliffs as we continue sailing through the fjord towards Nanortalik, the southernmost town in Greenland. On arrival you’ll receive a warm welcome from the community, which opens up their town for us to discover. Visit Nanortalik Church; Knud Rasmussen Stone, named after Dr Knud Rasmussen, an explorer and ethnologist who created the field of Eskimology, and Greenland’s most famous citizen, and Nanortalik Museum, with displays of traditional kayaks and the oldest umiaq (cargo boat) ever discovered, dating back to 1440.


This morning you have another opportunity to land, this time in Narsarsuaq, only 6km from the Greenland Ice sheet. This is a site where Norse Vikings, led by Erik the Red, settled many centuries ago. You may choose to take a gentle guided walk and explore Norse ruins, Inuit graves and the remnants of old farm houses, or perhaps indulge in some berry-picking! Kayakers can spend the morning paddling around the beautiful peninsula, taking in the breathtaking views from a distance.

As you sail on from here you reach Uunartoq Island, halfway between Qaqortoq and Nanortalik. Uunartoq is known for its nourishing hot springs, the only ones in southern Greenland warm enough to bathe in. You may like to spend some time soaking in these soothing waters, which legend says have the power to heal, before exploring the Inuit ruins on the island.


This morning, take a short Zodiac shuttle to the abandoned Norse settlement of Hvalsey and spend some time exploring the stone remnants of the best-preserved Norse ruin in Greenland. As you wander the green, rolling hills, be transported back to the 10th Century, when Hvalsey was a bustling centre of farming and industry in southern Greenland.

In the afternoon we cruise to Qaqortoq, the capital of South Greenland, where you have another opportunity to step ashore and immerse yourself in the rich history of the area. This region has been inhabited since prehistoric times and stone carvings, remnant dwellings, an open-air art gallery and a local museum offer a unique insight into the rich history of the area.


Rest and relax as we cross the Labrador Sea towards Canada’s remote east coast. Step out on deck and feel the wind on your face, keeping an eye out for whales and seabirds that wheel above the wake of the ship. You may like to indulge in a soothing massage or spend some time in the library, onboard gym and sauna. Check the daily schedule to find out about entertaining presentations from our team of experts, on topics ranging from the geology and wildlife of Torngat Mountains National Park to the fascinating Viking history of L’Anse Aux Meadows, and the deep connection between Greenland and eastern Canada.


Your discovery of Canada’s far east coast begins in George River (Inuit: Kangiqsualujjuaq), Nunavik, the northernmost part of Quebec. Nature in Nunavik is truly wild and pristine, with expansive sweeps of sky, mountain and distant horizons. Here, the world’s largest caribou herds roam free, polar bears can be seen and the rare muskox can be spotted grazing on the tundra.

You will have a chance to catch your first glimpse of the wonderful local wildlife, including the black bear, fox and wolf, which roam across this rugged landscape of eternal snow, glacial troughs, fjords and majestic mountains.

It is a true privilege to have the opportunity to visit Kangiqsualujjuaq community, where you can meet with friendly locals who are proud to show you their home. Let the friendly Inuit welcome you to their corner of the world and introduce you to the distinctive characteristics of their cultural and linguistic heritage, art and stories.

Discover the splendid autumn tundra on a short guided hike. The flora, with its many varieties of lichen and tiny, brilliantly coloured flowers, reveals itself during the short but intense summer.


Discover the truly jaw-dropping scenery of the seldom-visited Torngat Mountains National Park. A region of exceptional spiritual significance for the Inuit, today they continue to hunt, fish, and travel as their ancestors have for thousands of years. Here, ancient rocks date back 4 billion years: some of the oldest on Earth, and black bears, polar bears, wolves and caribou find a wild refuge to roam.

We will spend two days here, exploring the fjords and rugged shorelines of the Torngats. Join your guides for Zodiac cruises through some of the most untouched landscapes on earth. Set out on hikes where you and your shipmates are likely to be the only humans – and remember to keep your binoculars handy to spot wildlife on the tundra. We will be accompanied by rifle-bearing Inuit guides, who may offer to share culturally significant archaeological sites.

As always, your expedition leader will design a unique itinerary based on the weather conditions and tides. However, we plan to sail through Eclipse Channel, Nachvak Fjord and Saglek Fjord, a great place to step out on deck and look for polar bears roaming the rocky shores. It’s always worth scanning the shores as you sail in these waters – you might be lucky to catch a glimpse of wolves scavenging along the banks of rich fishing grounds, or perhaps even black bears fishing. As darkness falls it’s time to gaze skyward in search of the Northern Lights, the crowning glory to the breathtaking Torngat Mountains.


As we sail south towards Nain (Inuit: Nunajnguk), our series of engaging onboard presentations continues. You may hear from our historian about the significance of Moravian missionary settlement in the area. This is also a great opportunity to sit back and edit some photos, catch up on emails, relax in the lounge or grab a drink with your fellow travellers in the bar.


We continue down the craggy coastline of Newfoundland and Labrador to the remote outpost of Nain, where we have the opportunity to visit one of the oldest permanent Inuit settlements in Canada, and the northernmost and largest community in Nunatsiavut. Established by Moravians Missionaries in 1771, today it is the gateway to the Torngat region.

Join a guided walking tour and visit the Moravian church, Torngat Arts and Crafts Gift Shop and Illusuak Cultural Centre. Time-permitting, there may be an optional hike to Mount Sophie or Nain Hill for superb town views, or a chance to watch traditional stone carving.


Originally known by its Inuit name, Arvituk, which translates to “the place of whales”, the community was renamed to Hopedale by Moravian Missionaries who arrived here from Germany in 1782. In Hopedale we delve further into the fascinating history of Inuit and Moravian communities in eastern Canada. Some say that the view as you approach the dock is much the same as it was 200 years ago, not long after the Moravian Missionaries arrived from Germany. Here, some of the oldest wooden-framed buildings in Canada are still standing, and the town is steeped in history.

Take a guided walk through the Nunatsiavut Assembly Building and admire traditional seal skins on display. You may like to visit the Moravian Mission Complex and Museum, with displays of artefacts collected since the late 1700s, or perhaps visit some local shops to purchase some unique, handmade gifts.


Regarded by generations as the unofficial capital of Labrador, Battle Harbour is a restored 19th century fishing village that was once the salt fish capital of the world. Spend a few hours in this charming village, exploring the buildings and walking the trails with knowledgeable local guides to discover subarctic vegetation and rock formations. In this subarctic region, the dark night sky is decorated with a wealth of glittering stars, occasionally joined by the swirling wonder of the northern lights.


L’Anse aux Meadows is an archaeological site, where the remains of an 11th century Viking settlement were uncovered in the 1960s. Archaeologists believe that ancient artefacts and the excavated remnants of wooden-framed buildings, similar to those found in Greenland and Iceland, are evidence of the earliest European settlement of Canada.

L’Anse aux Meadows was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978, and here we can go ashore to wander the new world home of the Norse explorers and learn about the sagas and technologies used by the intrepid explorers who landed here so long ago.

A short drive from the Parks Canada/UNESCO site brings you to Norstead, a recreated Norse Village. See the replica of the Viking Knarr “Snorri”, a boat that sailed here from Greenland.

In the afternoon we visit St Anthony’s, a town in northern Newfoundland with one of the highest moose populations in the world. Caribou and coyotes are also commonly sighted in this area. Visit the Grenfell Interpretation Centre, which tells the fascinating story of Dr. Wilfred Grenfell, a young English doctor and pioneer who is credited for bringing medicine and education to the Inuit and poor European settlers along the harsh Labrador Coast in 1892. The Centre has displays of old instruments artefacts gathered from a life of Arctic adventure and global philanthropy.


Twillingate is affectionately known as the “Iceberg Capital of The World” because of the many icebergs that flow past its shores in early spring and summer. Located on Newfoundland’s northeast coast, Twilingate was the heart of the Newfoundland seal and cod fisheries into the late 20th century. The waters off the coast are rich with whales, harp seals, dolphins and seabirds. Take a short Zodiac shuttle to the township to explore historic streets for a glimpse into the glory days of Twilingate’s maritime history.

Take a spectacular coastal hike to Long Point Lighthouse, visit the Prime Berth Fishing Museum and Interpretation Centre, and make a quick stop at the Auk Island Winery before returning to the ship for your final night on board.

Take a spectacular coastal hike to Long Point Lighthouse enjoying wonderful views of Notre Dame Bay and the outer isles , visit the Prime Berth Fishing Museum and Interpretation Centre, and make a quick stop at the Auk Island Winery before returning to the ship for your final night on board.


After breakfast, bid your fellow travellers and expedition team a fond farewell before disembarking in St. John’s, capital of Newfoundland and Labrador. Just north of Canada’s maritime provinces, this legendary seaport on the edge of the continent has a rich seafaring history. It’s worth spending a few days discovering this delightful town at the end of your voyage. Wander the colourful Victorian streets with plenty of heritage shops, boutiques, art galleries, fine restaurants, bistros, and pubs – just steps from dockside.




  • One night’s hotel accommodation with breakfast in Reykjavik on Day 1
  • Tour to Thingvellir National Park and Gullfoss waterfall, with transfer to the ship on Day 2
  • Luggage transfer from your hotel in Reykjavik to ship on Day 2
  • Transfer to St. John’s Airport on Day 21
  • On-board accommodation during voyage including daily cabin service
  • All meals, snacks, tea and coffee during voyage
  • Beer, house wine and soft drinks with dinner
  • Captain’s Welcome and Farewell reception including four-course dinner, house cocktails, house beer and wine, non-alcoholic beverages
  • All shore excursions and Zodiac cruises
  • Educational lectures and guiding services from expedition team
  • Free access to our onboard doctor for consultations relating to sea-sickness. A standard fee of US $60.00 (reclaimable through your travel insurance provider) applies for medical consultations not related to sea-sickness
  • A 3-in-1 waterproof polar expedition jacket
  • Complimentary use of muck boots during the voyage
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information
  • A printed photo book produced with photos from your voyage
  • Port surcharges, permits and landing fees
  • Bird watching
  • Lectures on wildlife, our environment, history and destinations
  • Photography
  • Polar plunge
  • Trips ashore
  • Walking
  • Whale and mammal spotting
  • Zodiac cruises

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