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Costa Rica Holidays 2022/23

Costa Rica is an abundance of wilderness and wildlife, unforgettable views and boundless activities to choose from. Sleep in a shack, swim in a waterfall, visit the sloths, spend your day surfing or track the blue morpho butterflies. Costa Rica is boundless. Choose to partake in rainforest hikes and brisk high-altitude trails, rushing white-water rapids and world-class surfing. Or visit the animals of Costa Rica; jaguars, sloths, ocelots, monkeys, parrots and whales, Costa Rica is a perfect destination for animal lovers. From beach towns to dense rainforests, you’ll snorkel, scuba dive, zip line, surf and even horseback ride your way around Central America’s most adventurous destination.


Top experiences in Costa Rica

Immerse yourself into the “Pura Vida” 

Costa Rica is believed to be the world’s number one ecotourism destination, with an estimated 6% of the world’s plant and animal species.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

A place you have to see to believe, where trees grow to heights of 100 feet! Walk the “Hanging Bridges” or zip line…it’s your choice.

Arenal Volcano 

Marvel at the picture-perfect views of the legendary volcano.

Tortuguero Beach

A divine location and one of the best destinations in the world to see sea turtles.

San Jose

The capital of Costa Rica – a vibrant, authentic, colourful and unique.



At just a few degrees north of the equator, there’s little seasonality in temperatures so any differences are due to specific locations and altitude. San José in the highlands is chilly at night; the Pacific & Caribbean Coasts are hot at 28°C peaking at the end of the dry season during Mar-Apr. The wet (or ‘green’) season runs from May-Nov, but with Costa Rica’s blanket of rainforest,
pretty much the whole country can be wet at any time of year.


British Passport holders do not require a visa for stays up to 3 months.


The official language is Spanish. English is widely spoken in tourist resorts.


The Costa Rica Colon.


British Airways fly from London direct twice weekly to San José. In addition American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines offer connections via the United States, KLM via Amsterdam and Air France via Paris to San José and Liberia.


Approx. 14 hours to San José.



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Immerse yourself in this vibrant, living Eden on the Central American isthmus. Visit the green turtle research station.

Collette Tropical Costa Rica

Discover Costa Rica’s good life on a rendezvous with abundant wildlife, exotic fauna, lush rainforests, and endless coastlines.

Contiki Viva Costa Rica

From beach towns to dense rainforests, you’ll snorkel, scuba dive, zip line, surf and even horseback ride your way around Central America’s jammiest destination.

Cox and Kings Natural Splendours of Costa Rica

The country of Costa Rica is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the world; nestled between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Costa Rica boasts exotic wildlife, lush, green jungle and hot active volcanoes. This Cox and Kings Tour will take you on a journey exploring the rainforests to cruising the various lakes and canals.

Cox and Kings Panama & Costa Rica Experience Solo Tour

Costa Rica and Panama offer a beautiful and diverse ecosystem that is teeming with exotic wildlife as well as volcanoes, rainforests, lakes, lagoons and beaches.

Cox and Kings Splendours of Central America

Take in the natural and cultural wonders of Central America, from tropical landscapes and volcanoes to colonial heritage and superb Mayan cities. Get an insight into the history of the civil war and colourful indigenous cultures, and learn about the amazing engineering feat that is the Panama Canal.

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica

Located in the beautiful Playa El Jobo on the Northern coast of Guanacaste, Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica is a gorgeous beachfront resort with an expansive palm-studded beach and lush tropical jungles. Dreams Las Mareas boasts a contemporary design with tasteful authentic décor.

Exodus Costa Rica Coast to Coast

Follow handpicked walking trails in search of wildlife, waterfalls and outstanding views. From emerald rainforests, smouldering volcanoes and tropical savannah, to steam-fed springs and bubbling mud pools, vibrant Costa Rica is a destination that always delivers.

Exodus Cycle Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama

Starting in the graceful colonial city of Granada and ending in bustling Panama City, this route takes you into Costa Rica’s steamy rainforests, alongside active volcanoes and to the tropical island paradise of Bocas del Toro.

Exodus Discover Costa Rica

Experience the rainforest, mountains and coast of this tropical paradise. Costa Rica is renowned for having proportionately more protected land than any other country, making it ripe for wildlife tourism.

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