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Bolivia Holidays 2022/23

The heart of South America, Bolivia is nestled between Chile, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, and is the perfect add-on to your trip across South America.

Bolivia connects South America and is not a country to be missed whilst visiting. Rugged and raw, Bolivia is rural and un-urbanised, however, this only adds to its beauty. Bolivia is perfect for thrill seekers who want to shy away from concrete jungles and want to discover a rich and immersive culture and unspoiled landscapes. In Bolivia you can take an adrenaline-inducing trip down the World’s Most Dangerous Road, winding your way up the mountain on a bike right next to a steep drop of verdant flora. Once you get to the top, why not paraglide down, go fishing in the Amazon river or even scale the Andean peaks with an ice axe. Bolivia’s untamed wilderness and mountains is a thrill seekers dram with an incredible landscape to boot, you will bear witness to beautiful panoramas whatever activity you choose to do. Bolivia is home to one of the most elusive big cats, the Jaguar. Spend the day on a safari searching for this majestic animal. Bolivia is also a haven for a range of species; nectar bats, coral snakes, macaws, cougars, wolves, foxes, deer, butterflies and alpacas.

Bolivia is home to South America’s largest percentage of indigenous people, this means that you can truly discover the Bolivian culture as it is right in front of you. Bolivians can often be seen dressed in the traditional brightly coloured garb and celebrating festivals in the streets.  To truly discover their culture you can try their cuisine, llama tenderloin, Tarija wine, or quinoa-based beer.



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Not for under 30 days


Popular Highlights

La Paz

The world’s highest capital city is home to dramatic surrounding scenery, bustling centre, fascinating history and a spectacular cable car journey over the city.

Uyuni Salt Flats 

The highlight of Bolivia are the world’s largest salt flats which stretch as far as the eye can see.

Trekking In The Cordillera Real

Isla Del Sol, Lake Titicaca

Parque Nacional & Área De Uso Múltiple Amboró

When to go:

All year round.

Average holiday length recommended:

5 days to 1 week when combined with other destinations or 2 weeks if only visiting Bolivia.

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