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Chile Holidays 2022/23

Sandy beaches, clear waters and smooth stones, Chile differs from Argentina with a beautiful coastline that houses many incredible beaches. Experience for yourself the magnificent landscapes that inspired Pablo Neruda and Bruce Chatwin. Chile is famed for having an amazing cave network. The caves have been beaten to bare beautiful marble and display bright splashes of colour that reflect off the perfect arctic blue water. Let’s not forget about the iconic pink flamingos. There is also the Easter Island, where the giant, mysterious Moai statues, Petrohue Falls, hot springs and incredible geysers.

Popular Highlights

This vibrant city meets stunning scenery as it is surrounded by the snow-capped Andes and the Chilean Coast Range.

Atacama Desert
The largest desert in South America offers stunning geysers and the chance to see the stars so clearly at night.

Lake District
This picturesque lake region in southern Chile is the perfect antidote to city life.

Torres Del Paine
An idyllic National Park in Southern Chile.

Easter Island
This remote island is home to the famous stone heads and still embodies Polynesian culture.


Unspoiled beauty, playful wild horses and majestic mountain scenery.



Currency: Chilean peso

Visa: No

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